Writing Tips

Writer’s Life

We all know the hashtag but what does it really mean? Long days? Late nights? Overactive brains? Distraction constantly? Tiredness and fatigue? Turning everyone into characters? Everything into plot?

Well, being a writer means you’re nearly always busy doing one thing or another. Drafting, plotting, editing, revising, restructuring, line editing, researching, pitching, querying, developing, reading, or stressing!

But don’t forget about the other parts of the writing life – living. Any good, healthy writer will also know how to live. Work-life balance is important for us, too, even though we work from home and work on our novels constantly.

Take care of yourself. Take time away from the laptop, notebook and manuscript. Be with our partner, family, or pets. Get out of the house. Have a day where you don’t open up the document.

Trust me, it only helps. You may feel like you’ve wasted time but you haven’t, you’ve gained it because you’ll be in better form when you come back to your screen, and not be a stressed-out mess who only produces poor writing that needs scrapping later!


Learn to relax and turn off.

Ways to be a good, healthy writer (and human):

  • Play video games
  • Read a book
  • Go to the cinema
  • Go on a date
  • Watch a film, or two, or three
  • Binge your favourite show
  • Nap
  • Go for a walk
  • Experience new things
  • Work out
  • Get outside
  • Travel
  • Have a bath
  • Meet up with a friend

These things will be good for your inspiration, motivation, physical health, mental health, focus, social life, balance, and so much more. If you want to be a good writer, then these things will only help.

They will enrich your life, give you a healthy balance, and actually inspire new ideas!

The #writerslife needn’t be only about the words on the page.

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