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Creatives Have These 3 False Beliefs

Starving Artist Lifestyle Most creatives (unless they come from money) believe that they must go through the Starving Artist phase on their journey to success. Worse still, some believe that this is all an artist can ever be. Wrong! Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of Eat, Pray, Love) said something in her book Big Magic¬†that I'll… Continue reading Creatives Have These 3 False Beliefs

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What Young Writers Should Do To Become Pro (Except Education)

*Some of these things work for both young and beginners/amateur writers* *Also, these are things that are less obvious tips. Like it's obvious that writing voluntarily for a local magazine could help you, but what else? What else can help you develop in a less structured way?*   Spend a year (at least) working in… Continue reading What Young Writers Should Do To Become Pro (Except Education)

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Other Things to Study As A Writer

We all know the obvious subjects for study if you aim to be a writer: English, Literature, Language, and Creative Writing. There are also the more specific ones, like Journalism, Marketing, and Screenwriting. But what other areas of study could we benefit from? What could enhance our writing and creation of ideas in ways these… Continue reading Other Things to Study As A Writer

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Relating to Characters More Than Real People

I love rewatching shows like Community, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn 99, One Day at a Time, Gilmore Girls, and Parks and Recreation for mainly one reason:¬†the characters. The storyline doesn't have to be great; it's the characters that I fall in love with. Characters that I can relate to, get life advice… Continue reading Relating to Characters More Than Real People

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Rethinking the Strong Female Character

It is great that nowadays we are seeing more female heroes in books, film, and TV. However, I don't think (and many agree) that the strong female character is actually doing what it's supposed to do. Let me explain. A strong female character is supposed to show young girls, and even women, that they can… Continue reading Rethinking the Strong Female Character