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Book Format Comparisons: Kindle, Paperback, or Audiobook?

Kindle (or other e-Readers) Pros: Can store millions of books without worrying about space Can't decide which book to bring on vacation? Your Kindle has a horde ready and waiting on one device. Easier to hold than a heavy book or a book that you don't want to ruin the spine of Can highlight and… Continue reading Book Format Comparisons: Kindle, Paperback, or Audiobook?

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Poem for mom on her birthday

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Each mistake a lesson forged by my shaking hands. But there’s someone very special, Who holds my hands when they shake. My mother. Oh, mom. You angel, you. The burdens you bear, The fear you withstand, The trials you’ve suffered. Don’t you know how strong they’ve made… Continue reading Poem for mom on her birthday

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Things to remember at Christmas time

We don't get to receive It's not supposed to be about how many presents we get It's not a competition of who got the best gift Don't overeat like crazy just because it's the holidays If you can't afford a present, don't put yourself in debt to get it. The person you're getting it for… Continue reading Things to remember at Christmas time

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“Real Horrors” – Poem

You know what's really scary? Not prowling black cats, Or mouse traps, Or dead rats. No. What's really scary Is gunshots, Black bodies, And broken families. Black lives matter, But the scary thing is, They don't. Not to you all. Do they matter to you? What's scary is, The white child who "Doesn't need to… Continue reading “Real Horrors” – Poem

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Awesome Black Characters (Black History Month Inspired)

(I've purposely missed out characters from historical films about slavery or the segregation of black people, for I have another post coming purely for that) Also, this is a list of characters that I know, not the only ones that are out there! Please add your favourite awesome black characters in the comments... Shuri (Black Panther)… Continue reading Awesome Black Characters (Black History Month Inspired)

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Looks Can Be Deceiving…

The reason why I chose to unpack this phrase "looks can be deceiving" today was because I was in my room trying to will myself to leave the house. I almost convinced myself not to go out because the weather looked cold and grey. As a freelancer, blogger, and author, I really don't have to… Continue reading Looks Can Be Deceiving…