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Africa and Updates on Plans

This post and the posts to follow are long overdue. Like well overdue. I apologise for that. Anyone who actually consistently reads all of my posts may remember that I mentioned I went to South Africa back in August. I also said that I was writing about it. That was true at the time, but I dropped the ball on that one.

I tend to drop the ball a lot, lately.

But I’m picking the balls back up – slowly but surely.

The first ball I want to pick up is regular blogging. I will aim to post content that is under these categories:

  • Travel (where I’ve been, what I did, how it made me feel) Entitled “An Author Abroad”
  • Lifestyle (about our society, thoughts on better living, quarter life, etc) Entitled “IEG: Inspire, Educate, Guide” 
  • Writing (tips, tricks, updates on projects, etc) Entitled “The Write Way”
  • Mental Health (how to cope, what to do, updates, advice) Entitled “You’re As Mad As I Am”

The travel posts will be photos of where I’ve been, what I did and what I found there etc, but they will also feature a “book” about Africa. (See where the Africa thing comes into it now?) I did start to write an extensive “book” about my time in Africa and I would like it to be shared because it was a big deal for me. I want to relive that time. So, I shall publish chapters about the Africa trip semi-regularly. If you want more, and sooner, you’ll have to show an interest! Comment and let me know that you’re intrigued! I’ll publish a chapter today, and more when I can.

As for the lifestyle ones, these will also be a little less bloggy than some of the others. I aim to post in-depth views of our society, our lifestyles, how we treat one another, and new ways of thinking. I’ve always aimed to help people. I think the best way to help people can be to change people’s minds by giving them something to think about that they’ve never considered before. This is what I aim to do. So, the Lifestyle posts may sometimes be a little heavy, and real, but necessary. Read, think, share, and change your mindset. Open your mind. Take on somebody else’s view of the world, and let it mean something.

As you know, I do change my mind a lot but these things will hopefully happen as planned now that I’ve figured some things out. Plus, they’re already set in motion so…how can I screw this one up, right?! *sighs because I’m such a screw-up*

Anyway, stay tuned and all that. Speak soon.

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