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Anti-Racist Book Recs: “Natives” by Akala

I have just finished reading Natives by Akala. I listened to it on Audible, where he read the book himself (always better when the author reads their own work if it’s non-fiction, especially).

I loved it!

It was a lot to consume, hence why it took me a while, but he had a down-to-earth way of delivering this important information about systemic racism. He also slips in personal anecdotes and experiences with being racialised as black and racism.

He is a very well-educated man and it truly does highlight the problem with our society and our schooling that most of us won’t have known anything about half the information that he shares in this book.

I feel sad and ashamed of myself for not knowing the depth of our history in the UK in terms of race, colonisation and racism.

We all have a duty to recognise our privilege and the systems that work for some, but only hinder and harm others.

Listening to this was the best way to consume the information. It also helps me to reread the book again and again more easily in the future. I took notes but in all honesty, listening to a book makes taking notes a little harder (for me, anyway), so if you want to actively take a lot of notes, it might be better to have a physical copy to help you.

And please do take notes! I promise you’ll want to, because there’s so much that we don’t know about British racism and race. We know more Black history in America than here. But the British are such a powerhouse of destruction and hate and control that we can’t ignore or forget our vital part in the systems that work against BIPoC.

Get your copy of Natives here.

Check out more books about race and racism in order to be anti-racist and move us all towards a life of inclusion, value, and safety for all peoples.

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