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Self-Isolation (poem)

Somehow Spring has raised its glorious head,
and yet the world must watch
through dirty glass.
Trapped – a barrier between us
and the new green world outside.
I weep.

A grand plague has reached its
skeletal black hand to our throats.
A virus born from nothing –
We were not prepared.
We are not prepared.
Selfish sisters and brutish brothers
take to the shelves and steal
for storage. What’s left?
It’s not the virus I fear.
It’s the loss of humanity,
unity, community.
I weep.

But if I look outside
at the deserted streets
I see uncharted lands so sweet
that they hold Aphrodite’s kiss;
A love story comes with our Spring’s
blessed magic. A fresh start
for us that survive? A new beginning
for those that God deems worthy?
Is Judgement Day here, or is it just
another day on this uncertain Earth?

For now, I’ll weep
and let my tears water the world
as it brings Spring to us – in wait –
until we can go outside again.

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