Author Stuff

Reasons Why I Am Your Unconventional Author…

  • I am young (I wrote my first book by 14, published it at 18 and kept going…)
  • I am mixed race (not a lot of people who look like me are seen as the “author type” sadly).
  • I’m from a working-class family and poor area.
  • I’m not highly educated.
  • I’m not well-read or well-spoken.
  • I’m a Multi-Genre author – fantasy, self-help, lifestyle, essays, drama, YA,, memoir humour…
  • I have tattoos.
  • I swear and mix my words and simply can’t talk very well!
  • I wrote about love before I’d experienced it.
  • I wrote about vampires even though I had hated them beforehand.
  • I’m self-published.
  • I’ve never actually tried traditional publishing.
  • I’m not perfect…

I hope seeing this breaks down any conventions about what an author is supposed to be like. I think as long as you have an idea and the passion and dedication to put it down on paper, then that’s all it takes to be an author. Whether you’re a very good one or not is a different story, but only by reading one’s work can someone determine that for themselves. So, if you wish to review me for yourself and put me to the test, try out Ash Born.

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