Writing Tips

How to Be a Better Writer 

Read – read a lot and often. The best writers will find time to read every day. This is because it helps you spot bad writing and good writing and learn new things for your own work.

Live – I believe that good writers have lived good lives. By good I don’t mean perfect, I mean adventurous and full lives. They’ve loved and travelled and explored and tried many new things. They’ve gone out of their comfort zone and this has helped them learn more about the world they’re writing about.

TV/Films – yes, watching tv or films helps our craft. I’ve been inspired countless times by the awesomeness I watch on tv,so get yourself a Netflix account, now!

Friendships – good writers don’t become hermits. They go out and socialise, at least now and again. This helps fiction writers most because you’ll have a better eye for good dialogue after being a social person.

Mistakes – good writers make mistakes and don’t let them stop them. Make mistakes and then allow them to be critiqued so you can get better. If you’ve never made a mistake, you’re not asking the right people.

Write – the best writers write all the time. They’ve written many different things. They’ve written even when they didn’t feel up to it. Write, write and write some more. This is the only way to get better; practice.  Even when you write badly, it’s still worth it because you’ll recognise your own bad writing!

Make sense? Good! Now get to work.

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