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Why Writers Rock! 

  • Overworked and underpaid – but we do it anyway.
  • We give life to everything.
  • We are the creators of the lines those “awesome actors” you love say. 
  • No writers, no films or tv shows.
  • Take nothing and make it into something. 
  • We build worlds.
  • We bring people to life.
  • We make many cry, laugh and fall in love.
  • We know things…
  • We unite people.
  • We help people understand things better.
  • We are the foundation of all our entertainment – games, tv, films, books, magazines, blogs, YouTube, social media…the lot!
  • We fill blank pages.
  • A great world of ideas lurks within our heads.
  • We are open minded.
  • We make great friends – but terrifying enemies.
  • Writers make the impossible, possible. 

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