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Know the Whys of your Story 

You have a great story. It’s full of action and drama and brilliant characters, right? Well, if you don’t know the whys behind all of that, then I’m sorry but your story isn’t really that good.

But don’t fear!

Here’s some why questions to ask yourself in order to get started!

  1. Why does your character want what they want?
  2. Why does your villain target your protagonist?
  3. Why are people fighting/ in conflict?
  4. Why are your main characters friends?
  5. Why do your main characters love each other? 
  6. Why are the events happening now and not sooner or later? 
  7. Why do they speak or act the way they do?
  8. Why do your characters make these decisions and not those ones? 
  9. Why is it set where it’s set?
  10. Why is your world the way it is? 
  11. Why?!?!


These are simply a start, but the questions will flood in when you consider your story specifically. In general, you need to know why your story is happening and how. It can’t be as simple as “because it’s awesome, that’s why!” Have real answers, real backstory. It’ll give your story depth even if you never mention half the things – knowing the answers yourself is half the work.

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