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What A Person with Mental Illness Needs

What they need: A shoulder to cry on A person to lean on A person(s) to listen to them Words of encouragement Support when seeking professional help Advice and kind guidance Understanding and empathy Support when taking medication Patience and compassion Information, tips and tricks for helping themselves cope A friend they know is there… Continue reading What A Person with Mental Illness Needs

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What Do Children Want and Need from a Book?

By children, I mean middle grade (8-14) really. I've been thinking about this a lot, as someone who plans to be a middle grade author in the not too distant future. What do children want and need from a book in this day and age? Because, I bet it's not the same as 5 years… Continue reading What Do Children Want and Need from a Book?

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Extensive Decluttering & The Mind

Lately, I've been Decluttering my space. Like a lot. So much so, in fact, my mom was actually worried about me. But she should have been the opposite - she should have been happy for me. For decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary things is wonderfully healthy for the mind. I'm still surprised that I've… Continue reading Extensive Decluttering & The Mind

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The Universe is Working its Magic

Things are coming together in my life. It's not like I'm in an AMAZING place, but I'm in a good place and I feel like the universe is putting things into place, in this wonderful order that will bring the necessary change I've been seeking... I am a new self-employed worker so my financial situation isn't… Continue reading The Universe is Working its Magic