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Finding Clarity Series

While in lockdown, I've naturally done a lot of soul-searching, thought-challenging, and taking steps towards my year's motto/goal/intention ("see things clearly"). I have been unexpectedly successful in this endeavour. I didn't expect to readthe perfect books for my journey. There's a lot I've learned about myself and this journey has led to much more clarity… Continue reading Finding Clarity Series

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Book Review of Sacred Powers: This Book Has Changed Me!

I loved this book! Simple, review done! Joking aside, this book was unexpectedly great. I bought it because my favourite YouTuber (Kalyn Nicholson) always mentions it. To be honest, I feared it would be some wishy-washy nonsense. Oh, how I was wrong! It was wonderfully written and easy to read, firstly, which is unexpected from… Continue reading Book Review of Sacred Powers: This Book Has Changed Me!

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An Antidote for Negative Emotions

Firstly, all emotions are important, needed and valid. This post is not anti-negative emotions! We need them, as hard as that pill may be to swallow at times. However, when it comes to emotions that we sit in for too long, or don't understand, or can't process properly, here are some ways to feel better… Continue reading An Antidote for Negative Emotions

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Elements of Spirituality

Ever wondered about spirituality and what it involves? Ever wanted to be more spiritual as part of your personal growth or healing journey? Ever wondered what the components of spirituality are and how you can to be more spiritual? Here are my ideas about spirituality and what it involves thus far on my own journey...… Continue reading Elements of Spirituality

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Think About It: You Don’t Have to Lighten The Mood

Our society's fear of truth and pain and realness and emotions and depth divides us. It separates us and says "you feel your bad feelings and I'll lighten the mood because I'm afraid of feeling it with you." It denies empathy and keeps things at an arm's length. This is why I hate it. If… Continue reading Think About It: You Don’t Have to Lighten The Mood