Writing Tips

Affirmations & Meditation for Creative Writers

I am a writer because I show up to write. My writing ability is not up for debate. I can and will enjoy myself when writing because it is something that brings joy and growth into my life. Writing is a state of freedom and creation.

Each word I bring to the page comes together to form something unique and beautiful for my readers. My writing is valid even if no one reads my work. My writing is for me, first and foremost. My characters have a story to tell, and it is my duty to tell it. I can and I will.

It is important that I look after myself – mind, body, and spirit – so that I can be a healthy me and therefore a better writer. I will not turn my writing into something I hate or find a chore to complete. My writing is a gift I give to myself. On days when writing is hard, this doesn’t mean I have failed. There are good days and bad days, but I write anyway.

I grant myself permission to write bad stories. I grant myself permission to write messy drafts. I grant myself permission to make mistakes.

I write because I have something to say. What I have to say matters.

I write because I love stories. My stories matter.

I write because the world needs my work. My work matters.

I can write today. I will write today. No matter the outcome, my time writing is never wasted.

I love being a writer. I will continue to write as long as it brings me joy and fulfillment.

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