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5 ways to nurture your creativity when it’s feeling low

Set a timer for 15 mins and write whatever comes to mind

Even if it’s The boy went to the shops to buy some sweets! Maybe something interesting will end up happening to the boy! Don’t force things that aren’t working in terms of your current work in progress, but write random things and you never know how it will help you in the long run!

Journal everyday

Even half a page can go a long way. It gets it out of your head, at least, which helps you to have a clearer head for your work.

I’m also trying to journal through the perspective of different people, too, to stretch my creativity. What would a new mother journal about at night? A firefighter? An empty-nester? A sibling of ten? An orphan?

Go inwards

As I mentioned in my journal entry about losing my creativity, I think a lack and inner connectedness can result in diminishing creativity. I want to get back on my spirituality kick and go back inwards.

  • Yoga
  • Guided meditations
  • Journaling
  • Walking mindfully

Read a good books

If you’re a writer, you can fill your creative cup by reading things that spark ideas. Reading things that make you go “I wish I could write something like this”. Don’t copy, and be careful not to bring their voice or story elements into your work, of course, but engaging with good books and being able to identify why they work for you will help your own work.

Careful not to compare either. Your projects aren’t the polished finished products that the books you read are! Be kind.

Don’t force it

If you keep sitting down to the write a story and nothing is coming, don’t force it. It puts pressure on you and your story. Take breaks. Do something silly or active and random. Get away from it all and then come back with fresh eyes.

Creative people do all sorts of creative things, like adventures, painting, drawing, photography, playing games etc. Doing other creative things will aid in your chosen creative projects.


S. xx

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