Defining a challenge = defining success

This year I’ve challenged myself in many ways. My focus for 2022 was to enjoy myself and trust myself again, but I did end up tagging on a little extra in that I wanted to challenge myself quarterly (at least). And I’ve done that well so far; in fact I’ve challenged myself quite a lot… Continue reading Defining a challenge = defining success


Breath of fresh air – a mindset for Spring

Stop for a moment. You’ve arrived at this post for a reason. I’m here to tell you a secret: You do not exist to produce and create. Your presence in this life, this world, is not to please some grand plan or creator. It is not to produce and be of service to others. You… Continue reading Breath of fresh air – a mindset for Spring

Short Stories

Winter Road – Short Story

A distant moon, behind ominous clouds, painted the night; snow falling in thick clumps upon the houses in Birmingham. Kate knew this would happen. She whisked around her small apartment, hopping over the clutter on the carpet to switch off her electrics. But she always forgot something, perhaps this was why there was a familiar… Continue reading Winter Road – Short Story