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Why I Write Books: World Book Day Inspired

Know myself

A lot of people become writers because they’re avid readers first. Not me. I only became a big reader later in life. I read when I was younger, but not much. I’m actually ashamed of how little my have-read pile is compared to the must-read pile.

I love TV and film and I know more about these than the book world (at times), and so people probably think, “Why write books, why not write for TV or film?” Firstly, I do think I could in the future (maybe); like J.K. Rowling has started to now. But ultimately, books are less restrictive. They can be as personal as you want. It’s completely yours.

That’s ideal for me as I feel, like I say, a personal connection to my writing. I don’t write to be funny or to just create cool worlds. Instead, it’s to connect. To feel. To put who I am in my work and find who I am in there, too, among everything else.


Understand the world

Alongside trying to explore and know myself, I get to use my books as a way to explore and know the world. What it is, who we are, and what it can be with changes. I love creating worlds and the people in it, and seeing what it would mean if X, Y, and Z came together.

Playing with narratives, lives, and societies is just so fascinating. There’s no greater job in the world!


Create new worlds

As I said, I love creating new worlds. I love exploring how it can work, what message it sends, and how the characters relate to the world. Developing magic systems, ecosystems, creatures, landscapes, values and ideals, and all that goes into worldbuilding is enthralling. It’s so fun to dive in and find what it can be and to see what manifests all on its own.

Not to be blasphemous, but it’s nothing short of god-like.



There is nothing better than exploring what you can put a character (a person) through. That sounds kind of mean, I know, but it’s very intriguing to see how a character can prevail on all kinds of adventures: personal/ internal or external and life-threatening. Be it fantasy or otherwise, I love the adventure concept and exploring it in new ways; always on a deeper level.



I’m not going to lie, I enjoy how it feels to escape into new worlds, other people’s lives, and different narratives. It gives me a chance to be someone else, do something else, and be somewhere else. It’s not that my life is awful and I never want to be in it; it’s just we all have times when we’d rather be someone else or be somewhere else.

As a writer (and a reader), I get to wear many skins, live many lives, and play around with different worlds whenever I so desire.


Happy fun times

It’s not all about the deep, profound meaning behind my writing. Sometimes, it’s just fun! It’s just about happy, fun times. About craziness, silliness, romance, kids being kids, teens being teens, adults channelling their inner child; all of it is just so enjoyable.

Creativity is supposed to be fun, at the end of the day. When being a creative is also your “job” it can become more serious and stressful, but you should never lose the fun.


I love stories

My published works may be fantasy books and one self-help book, but what you don’t know is that I have written many other stories and books in other genres. I’ve written stories that are for children, teens, and adults; fantasies, horror, contemporary, romance, philosophy, drama; long, short, medium. I’ve explored many!

I hope to never define myself or box myself into one category. I know some people think it’s better for your career to stick to one genre or medium, but screw that! I have loads of ideas, characters, stories, emotions, and interests that I want to explore. I don’t want to limit myself.

I’d hate to only ever write fantasy books when I could be a master at something else! You never know unless you try. I never want to be afraid to tell new stories and in new ways. If I can live a life where that’s what I do the majority of the time, that’s my dream realised.

For now, though, books are my foundations, my spirit, my entryway into the world of storytelling.


Inspire & educate

The last reason I write books is to help others. To inspire and educate other people. I believe that every writer will, consciously or not, inspire and educate their audience in some way. I’m definitely one of those writers who is consciously trying to do this. I want my words to truly mean something to them.

I won’t pretend that I’m the best at it, though! I’ve still got a lot to learn (writers are always learning and growing after all). Getting the balance between being too preachy, and getting the message across correctly can be difficult. But I aim to master it in my lifetime.


There you have it, that’s why I write books. I will always, I believe, write books. Even if I’m doing something else, I will always write books on the side. They just call to me so loudly that I can’t ignore them. And I don’t want to! Books are, as they say, a source of magic. And those who write them, they’re real-life wizards.


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