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What Do You Believe In? Beliefs & The Importance of Faith

Today I wanted to talk about our beliefs and our faith. Capital F, Faith! Now, I am not a religious person. I don't follow the practices of any religion. I have family members who are Christians. I have friends who are Christian. I have had friends who are Muslim and Hindu, too. I do not… Continue reading What Do You Believe In? Beliefs & The Importance of Faith

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Start a Friendship with Yourself

I won't pretend to be an expert on friendship! But I will try to explain that if the terms self-love, self-care, and self-compassion (etc.) don't resonate with you, then perhaps the term Friendship will sit better with you... Friends or Friendship is defined as "a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection,… Continue reading Start a Friendship with Yourself

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How Trusting Yourself Means Confidence

Second to last video for the confidence challenge! It's been a long month but a good one. I'm so glad I did the challenge and this video is very important even if you haven't' watched them all. Trust yourself... Click to play! This week's worksheet: Confidence Challenge Week Five Worksheet Checklist for the challenge:… Continue reading How Trusting Yourself Means Confidence

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Seeking Outside Validation

Caring too much, or giving too much weight to outside validation, is a dangerous game to play. It is a fast-track ticket to putting your self-worth up for debate in front of others. Validation should always come from within, first and foremost. What seeking outside validation looks like When we seek outside validation, we are… Continue reading Seeking Outside Validation

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Self-Improvement: Is It Really What You Need Right Now?

I think there's a difference between self-improvement and internal work. Self-improvement is improving your: Intellect Productivity Diet Sleep Fitness Communication Routine and habits Work Finances And so on... But then the internal work is more about the heavy stuff. It comes from the Gunk inside of you laced together by trauma, failure, shame, fear, resentment,… Continue reading Self-Improvement: Is It Really What You Need Right Now?

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Defence Mechanisms: Our Armour

Defence Mechanisms are what do we do to protect ourselves from vulnerability, judgement, pain, fear, and shame, but at the risk of meaningful connections, success, growth, true happiness and freedom. They can become our armour, knowingly or not, that we carry with us out in the world for protection from harm. Let's discuss these further… Continue reading Defence Mechanisms: Our Armour

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Video: What’s Going On Inside Of You?

Here's a video with extra information about my blog posts from today and yesterday on "Self-Work" which is something I coined (I think) meaning doing hard, deep work on the *Self*. On the internal stuff, the blockages, the shortcomings, the emotional reactions and so on. Here's what I've learned so far from doing this myself...… Continue reading Video: What’s Going On Inside Of You?