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Self-Improvement: Is It Really What You Need Right Now?

I think there's a difference between self-improvement and internal work. Self-improvement is improving your: Intellect Productivity Diet Sleep Fitness Communication Routine and habits Work Finances And so on... But then the internal work is more about the heavy stuff. It comes from the Gunk inside of you laced together by trauma, failure, shame, fear, resentment,… Continue reading Self-Improvement: Is It Really What You Need Right Now?

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Defence Mechanisms: Our Armour

Defence Mechanisms are what do we do to protect ourselves from vulnerability, judgement, pain, fear, and shame, but at the risk of meaningful connections, success, growth, true happiness and freedom. They can become our armour, knowingly or not, that we carry with us out in the world for protection from harm. Let's discuss these further… Continue reading Defence Mechanisms: Our Armour

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The Truth About Self-Love and Self-Care

I think there are mixed messages about Self-love and Self-care. Some think it's just facials and naps. Others think it's nonsense altogether. Well... Self-Care is defined as: the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health. the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular… Continue reading The Truth About Self-Love and Self-Care

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Embracing Life’s Spectrum: Living Free

We can free ourselves by thinking less black and white. Less us and them. Less "you are or you aren't". Because life should be lived on a spectrum. And this spectrum both sets us free and connects us...   Personality & Identity We are never fully formed. People will have you believe that once you… Continue reading Embracing Life’s Spectrum: Living Free