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What is the TRUE Meaning of Heartbreak?

I used to think that I'd never experienced heartbreak because I'd never loved someone (as in romantically) and had my heart broken. When speaking about heartbreak, people usually mean romantically, after all. But only recently I realised this isn't the case. I have experienced heartbreak, and maybe you have too, so here are my thoughts… Continue reading What is the TRUE Meaning of Heartbreak?

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Judged Lifestyle Choices & Personal Identity

*Part of the Identity Series* What is a Lifestyle Choice? Lifestyle Choice definition: "a choice a person makes about how to live and behave, according to their attitudes, tastes, and values." A choice or decision that affects how they live their life and their own personal identity.   Some lifestyle choices that are judged by… Continue reading Judged Lifestyle Choices & Personal Identity

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The Three Morals of My Current Story

My current work in progress is a novel about five young artists at an art school (university) in England. They've all got their fair share of problems and at the school, they are able to confront these and finally better their lives. I wanted the theme of Identity to be at the centre of the… Continue reading The Three Morals of My Current Story

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The Problem With The Millennial Generation

(I'm a millennial! I'm only 23! So what I say is coming from personal opinion, experience, and observations!)   Impatience We think we don't have time. We see everyone else's lives in front of us and want to rush our own lives so that they stack up. Get money and status right now. Marriage and… Continue reading The Problem With The Millennial Generation

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Don’t Worry If You’re Not An Expert

In life, I think we all want to be considered to be an expert. Consciously or not, achieving Expert status is a goal we all seek because it means we're validated, important, and knowledgable. Sounds great, right? Well, here's why I think being an expert can be a bad thing at times...   Perfectionism If… Continue reading Don’t Worry If You’re Not An Expert