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Feeling Safe: What Makes a Good Relationship (not just romantic)

Aside from feeling physically safe, which we all should feel in relationships, I wanted to explore some other ways that we should feel safe with our closest connections. This is what a healthy relationship looks like between two people: they both should feel safe to... Safe to be your true self Firstly, you should not… Continue reading Feeling Safe: What Makes a Good Relationship (not just romantic)

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The Dizziness of Choice and Comparison (podcast)

These days we are breaking our necks by looking over all the fences around us. Looking at his garden and her garden; at what they're doing compared to us. But all it causes is pain, confusion, dizziness and paralysis. Comparison and choice are sending us mad, but I have a simple tool for hopefully kicking… Continue reading The Dizziness of Choice and Comparison (podcast)

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Certainties and Uncertainties in Life

Today I was thinking: we all have our certainties and our uncertainties. Let me explain... We found out that a girl at work was married, aged 25. Some of the girls were shocked but then I thought about the many (more than I once expected) people I knew from school who are now married with… Continue reading Certainties and Uncertainties in Life

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How Comparison Steals Confidence

This is how comparison steals from our confidence. When we look around at what everyone else is doing, we suddenly don't feel so good about ourselves and our own lives. Here's how and why... Don't forget to download and print off (or fill in the answers in a notebook) the worksheets that go along with… Continue reading How Comparison Steals Confidence