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Experimenting with Life: Following Your Curiosities

As I grow older, I'm starting to loosen my grip on my life. When I was young, I was very hardworking, high-strung and felt like any moments of little control or structure were to be avoided. Now, not so much. I'm learning to take life (at least a little) less seriously. Taking life less seriously… Continue reading Experimenting with Life: Following Your Curiosities

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Seeking Outside Validation

Caring too much, or giving too much weight to outside validation, is a dangerous game to play. It is a fast-track ticket to putting your self-worth up for debate in front of others. Validation should always come from within, first and foremost. What seeking outside validation looks like When we seek outside validation, we are… Continue reading Seeking Outside Validation

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What is the TRUE Meaning of Heartbreak?

I used to think that I'd never experienced heartbreak because I'd never loved someone (as in romantically) and had my heart broken. When speaking about heartbreak, people usually mean romantically, after all. But only recently I realised this isn't the case. I have experienced heartbreak, and maybe you have too, so here are my thoughts… Continue reading What is the TRUE Meaning of Heartbreak?

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Looking Back At Past Creations

When looking back at your old work, you can feel upset. Disappointed in what you thought was good back then. Some look back and compare and are like "I'm so glad I'm better now" or they look back and cringe and get annoyed. Neither really works. We should instead look back and see our journey… Continue reading Looking Back At Past Creations