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Addicted Society: Things we don’t realise we’re addicted to

*I am not discounting "real" addictions. Addiction is serious, scary, and important to separate from other things. By 'addiction' in this post, I mean unhealthy dependency and obsession.* Food We can't stop eating. We socialise around food, talk about food. We eat when we're happy, sad, celebrating, angry, bored. We eat our feelings. We eat… Continue reading Addicted Society: Things we don’t realise we’re addicted to

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Things that have ACTUALLY changed my life

People online always say things have "changed their life" but it all sounds a bit extreme. Very few things actually change our lives, but here are some things that have without a doubt changed mine. Cooking proper meals This is a huge one for so many reasons. It's helped with my physical health, mental health… Continue reading Things that have ACTUALLY changed my life

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Powerlessness – a poem

Dry cracked palms pray - For better, better than this. Broken promises pierce pockets Pennies pouring into bottomless pits Foreigners found on shores - Imprisoned. Beautiful black men hands high Bloody. Same-sex Lovers lying in arms Denied. We plead. We pray. We play along... From high white thrones - They cackle. Monstrous men mighty. Footprints… Continue reading Powerlessness – a poem

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“Self-help” books I’ve read and enjoyed

These books aren’t all categorised as self-help and I think I agree with Leena Norms on YouTube who said that the genre “self-help” is a little confusing anyway. It’s not really self-help, it’s getting advice and help from someone else! And then using it yourself, which is what we do with anything we read, right?… Continue reading “Self-help” books I’ve read and enjoyed