Teddy – a poem

Teddy bears forgotten atop wardrobes
Cough dust as they yawn awake
Peering patiently over the edge
Watching – watching the girl
They used to know.
Would they be proud of who you’ve become?
Your laughter used to animate their limbs
Long picnics in parks
Fast frolicking in grandpa’s garden
A memory – long gone.

What secrets could teddy share
Kept behind stitched lips and beady eyes?
Lost love, brutal betrayal, loose lies?
Teddy never asked for anything
In return for his undying love
He keeps your secrets, even now
A grenade he could unleash –
But never would.
Though you forget about teddy
He waits patiently for the day
That you’ll grab his hand again
Thrust him over your shoulders – weeee!

Teddies don’t know about last times
But then again – neither do we.

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