Avoiding the New Year Blues

Don’t be sad or scared of the new year. Embrace it! I’ve always been someone who loves the new calendar year, seeing it for the romanticised clean slate, new start that many of us do. But I also know that for some people, it’s scary. It’s sad. It’s pressure.

Well, try this one instead. See it as an adventure. A new venture. A chance to fill 12 months and 365 days with excitement, progressive, change and challenges.

The thing is, I have no idea what the year will bring. I might feel like I should continue doing what I’m doing. Or I could go back and retry something I did before. Or I could scrap it all and pursue something entirely different.

I just don’t know.

And whilst the unknown is scary, it’s also super enthralling!

You can manifest anything from here. Focus on that. Focus on the possibilities before you.

How to beat the New Year blues:

  • Literally take a moment to “clean your slate” by meditating, journaling, or simply saying to yourself that “I let go of the negativity, mistakes, and junk from years past and no longer want to carry that weight with me.
  • Seek a way to celebrate the coming of the New Year in a way that is fun for you. Don’t be roped into doing what everyone else is doing.
  • Plan out some things to look forward to in the New Year. Block out something to do in every season, at least.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals or tasks. Focus on your priorities and take things one step at a time.
  • Appreciate and be grateful for the gifts you were given this year. Remind yourself that you didn’t know these wonderful things were going to happen at the start of 2018, and so the same will be true for all the wonderful things that will come in 2019. How exciting is that?

Happy New Year, all. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Make it count. You got this.

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