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Why “Red Queen” Wasn’t All That 

Under-developed characters:

I felt that Mare Barrow (the main character) was very meh for me. She seemed bland and just an accessory for the story instead of a strong, developed, real character. I didn’t care about her or her story. I didn’t like her. And I just couldn’t get into her person. In fact, I didn’t like any of the characters which isn’t great. 

Poor Love Story

Again the love story was not developed. I felt like one minute she hated them then she was head over heels for no real reason. Yes she did explai her indecision etc. but it felt like it was just said not shown. Like it was something the author wanted instead of something that naturally worked for the story and the characters themselves. 

Poor Decisions 

Mare made decisions that seemed rushed and rash again her character. She agrees to murder when she has suffered so much and I feel it was the wrong decision. 

Boring Middle 

The middle of the story was dry. I understand they were setting up the world and the tension of where she was but it felt dry. I felt like I had to force myself to finish it. I think writers need to be careful when setting things up not to allow readers to get bored. 
I do think I was a bit harsh. It was a good idea. I loved he powers and the unique world. And I can tell the second book will be better than the first. But it wasn’t a great book for me that I could invest in. Sorry! 

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