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Writing Advice NOT to Take

  • “Never start a story with the weather” – you can do whatever you like, as long as it’s not boring!
  • “Write what you know” – yes, you should explore what you know first, definitely. But if you want to write something else, do it! Technically, I started writing a love story before I knew what love was. And similarly, writing fantasy means using my imagination only (I have never seen a dragon!)
  • “Don’t write cliches” – true, don’t be the same as everyone else. But that doesn’t mean that exploring cliches can’t work; they’re cliche for a reason because they work/are relatable!
  • “Descriptions are key” – they’re not, really. As long as you make sense, you don’t need to list a bunch of descriptions to go along with it. Your readers have their own brains, they can fill in the blanks like what colour the wallpaper is or how many freckles the character has.
  • “Never start a sentence with And”: yes you can. And it’s great to do so – so effective at times. 
  • “You need to write likable characters” – No one has to really like your main character, as long as they move the story or send a message. If they represent something or make important changes, then that’s what matters. Remember, not everyone is likable in real life, so why should they be that way in books?
  • “Don’t keep using said for dialogue” – Erm, yes you can! Don’t overcomplicate dialogue by trying to use any other word you can find. Yes, sometimes you should use another word, but mostly said is fine, and accompany it by an action that shows a hint of something more or how they said it.
  • “Action is needed” – It depends on genre, yes an adventure book needs action but other genres don’t need it, especially not throughout! Only certain readers will be bothered by the lack of action scenes, otherwise, most will find entertainment elsewhere (the character interactions, love, revelations etc.)
  • “There are only 10 rules of writing…” – THERE ARE NO RULES!! WRITE WHAT YOU WANT, HOW YOU WANT! Heck, you might just stand out because of it.

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