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What Makes a Character Bad 

  • They make decisions that don’t really make sense.
  • They’re bad to be bad.
  • They have no history.
  • They don’t want anything. There’s nothing driving them forwards except you, the writer.
  • They’re a meh character. Nothing about them is interesting. No one cares about them.
  • They aren’t realistic. Maybe they’re perfect or never make mistakes or burp or have sex because they’re an angel…all that is unrealistic, and people hate that.
  • They take lives or do horrid things that any normal person would think twice about.
  • There’s no consequences for their actions.
  • They speak like no normal person would. Yes, dialogue should be spicy and fabricated but completely from the norm is unbelievable.
  • They never eat or sleep so they’re not human.
  • Their friendships or relationships or interactions are dry and dull.
  • They have no substance – likes, dislikes, aspirations, quirks, humour, friends…
  • They’re a fool.

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