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How to Write Every Day

Have a set writing routine “I will write at such-and-such time every day.”

Have a set writing environment.

Have inspiration tools readily available, e.g. Read a chapter before writing or music or a Pinterest board!

Force yourself even when you don’t feel up to it. (You can always edit later.)

Even writing one paragraph is more than you had yesterday.


Tell yourself that it’s important, more important than tv or video games.

Have a timer on your phone for when it’s time to get down to writing.

Set yourself a period of time for continuous writing e.g. “I will write what I can for just an hour” and have no distractions at this time.

Plot out what you may write beforehand so you don’t stare blankly at your screen or notepad.

Try to track or notice when you are most creative. If you can pinpoint when you write best or get your best ideas, then it’ll make perfect sense to sit down and write at that time every day.

Contrary to the last point, though, some people don’t work well when forced to. You have to find what works for you. Try to switch up your routine now and then, and remember to take breaks to stay productive.

Have good vibes around you.

Have good people to remind you.

Never forget what you love about writing and why you do it. Let it push you forwards -writing shouldn’t feel like a chore or punishment!

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