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Your Insecurities Aren’t Special (podcast)

We all have insecurities, that much has always been clear; but what if I said we all have the same ones in common, it's just they manifest in different ways? Today I'm rambling and ranting about insecurities, emotional triggers, and our fear that we don't stake up. I'll be tackling the big three: Intelligence Body… Continue reading Your Insecurities Aren’t Special (podcast)

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Finding Clarity: Your Values

Hey guys, welcome back to the Finding Clarity Series, if you haven't already, make sure to read last week's post about Agreements before this one, as it sets the foundations for the series and towards seeing things clearly in your life. Today, I'm walking you through another key part of this series: your values. Finding… Continue reading Finding Clarity: Your Values

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Finding Clarity Series

While in lockdown, I've naturally done a lot of soul-searching, thought-challenging, and taking steps towards my year's motto/goal/intention ("see things clearly"). I have been unexpectedly successful in this endeavour. I didn't expect to readthe perfect books for my journey. There's a lot I've learned about myself and this journey has led to much more clarity… Continue reading Finding Clarity Series

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How Family Affects Our Sense of Identity in Adulthood

*Part of the Identity Series* Intro Obviously, we know that our upbringing has a direct effect on who we are. In the Nurture versus Nature argument, I lean more towards Nurture. We are a product of our environment. I am kind because my mother showed me how to be kind. I am resilient because she… Continue reading How Family Affects Our Sense of Identity in Adulthood

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The Problem With The Millennial Generation

(I'm a millennial! I'm only 23! So what I say is coming from personal opinion, experience, and observations!)   Impatience We think we don't have time. We see everyone else's lives in front of us and want to rush our own lives so that they stack up. Get money and status right now. Marriage and… Continue reading The Problem With The Millennial Generation