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My Top 3 Tips For Better Mental Health

Some people are unsure about mental health as a topic, and often want a quick answer on what to do. Firstly, there is no quick fix. Health is an on-going thing and a natural part of life, and so mental health is no different. However, here are my top 3 tips for better mental health… Continue reading My Top 3 Tips For Better Mental Health

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How Does Meaning Influence Our Identity?

In today's Identity Series essay, I'm going deep. Real deep. I aim to cover the following questions in both a philosophical, personal, and psychological manner: What is the meaning of life? Why do we do what we do? How do our choices and beliefs influence one another and then contribute to our identity (who we… Continue reading How Does Meaning Influence Our Identity?

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Indecision, Crisis, Paralysis (Poem)

Don't forget to volunteer. not because you're a good person but because it'll look good on your CV. Don't forget to get a degree and possibly a Masters, just to be told that, you don't have any experience. Don't forget to work, get some real life experience. Learn about people, learn to interact, have a… Continue reading Indecision, Crisis, Paralysis (Poem)

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Decisions Are Hurting Our Health

There's never been so much choice than there is today and I believe that this is one of the leading causes in our society's mental health decline. We have never had so much choice on careers, with university being more easily accessible, new jobs being created, being able to travel and work abroad, and being… Continue reading Decisions Are Hurting Our Health