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Disclaimer and Apology…

I just want to say something after a comment I received from a reader that has unsettled me a little. I do think this person may be a bit of a troll because what they said didn’t seem warranted for the post they posted on, but never the less, I feel I need to say something…
Any of the posts I put out (on my sites or social media etc) are advice from my heart. They are things that have worked for me, or seem important to me, or that I believe could help someone.
As with anything on the internet, it is just advice and it’s often from personal experience. As with all advice, it’s a take it or leave it kind of thing. No one is forcing you to take it on board. Read it, and decide for yourself if it works for your life and your beliefs – simple, right?
So, if I ever offend anyone or come off as giving “half-baked” advice or that I’m “partially sighted leading the blind” then I apologise. All I ever intend to do is help and share information that has helped me.
But yeah, as a writer, I know my work will often be criticised and I understand that. But I felt I needed to say this just in case…
Take care.

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