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Why Characters Matter 

Your characters are the ones running the story – not you. I’m sorry but your story is theirs, you can’t always control what happens. Sometimes the characters need to decide for themselves. If your characters are real enough, that is…

I’ve read books where you can definitely tell that the characters are simply tools for the story. This is not a good thing. People want the characters to seem real. For them to make realistic decisions based on their personalities, past experiences and their unique situations. 

Getting the idea? So here’s a quick fire list of why you need to care more about the characters in your story…

  • They will be the people hat the readers are living through, so if they don’t like them or connect with them or believe in them, then you’ll lose your reader. 
  • Characters are people and people are important 
  • They need to be the hero or at least the protagonist and that means they need substance. 
  • A flat character is a boring character and a boring character means a boring story. 
  • Characters talk and if your character is underdeveloped then their dialogue will be poor or forced or unnatural, and therefore unbelievable for the reader or dry for them – and dialogue is a big part of the story. 
  • Because they matter, okay! 

Stay tuned for a post on how to make your characters work better in your story. 

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