Pirates of the Caribbean Film Review

Today I watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean film and I have to say I loved it! So much so, I got out my notebook to take notes because it was inspiring me with new fantasy ideas! 

What I liked:

  • The curses and spells are always so fascinating in these films.
  • It was hilarious throughout, effortlessly.
  • The way the characters intertwined was so well done, crazy, but well done.
  • The ending was heart warming and fun.
  • The bad guy was so different! I can easily say that I’ve never seen a baddie like him! I loved how he looked and how he spoke – just everything about him and his undead crew! 
  • Jack Sparrow… duh! 
  • Fresh faces – the two youngsters did great; Kaya is a rising star.
  • Adventures on the sea aren’t done as much so whenever it is done, it’s fascinating and fresh. 

So definitely a must see for all, no matter who you are. From a fantasy writer’s perspective, it was spot on! 

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