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Looking Back At Past Creations

When looking back at your old work, you can feel upset. Disappointed in what you thought was good back then. Some look back and compare and are like "I'm so glad I'm better now" or they look back and cringe and get annoyed. Neither really works. We should instead look back and see our journey… Continue reading Looking Back At Past Creations

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Rethinking the Strong Female Character

It is great that nowadays we are seeing more female heroes in books, film, and TV. However, I don't think (and many agree) that the strong female character is actually doing what it's supposed to do. Let me explain. A strong female character is supposed to show young girls, and even women, that they can… Continue reading Rethinking the Strong Female Character

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How to Bring Diversity into your Story

I wanted to discuss this as someone who supports diversity, someone who feels underrepresented in books and films and TV, and someone who is an author who writes with diversity in mind. Everything I say is my own opinion and advice, said with good intentions... Be realistic The first thing to remember when writing diversity… Continue reading How to Bring Diversity into your Story