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The Dangers of Yearning (podcast)

We all yearn for things in life. The longing is what drives us forwards. This fantasy, this idea, it steals our attention and motivates us...or consumes us. What happens when the yearning takes over? When we believe more in the fantasy than reality? "Keep your feet on the ground as you daydream..." Click to play!… Continue reading The Dangers of Yearning (podcast)

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Experimenting with Life: Following Your Curiosities

As I grow older, I'm starting to loosen my grip on my life. When I was young, I was very hardworking, high-strung and felt like any moments of little control or structure were to be avoided. Now, not so much. I'm learning to take life (at least a little) less seriously. Taking life less seriously… Continue reading Experimenting with Life: Following Your Curiosities