Writing Tips

Quick Writing Advice: Reuse your old stuff!

As writers, we write a lot… As in, we write often but also a lot in number. This means that there is likely to be thousands and thousands of words that get left behind once you’re done with a project (if it goes unfinished). This means characters and worlds and magic systems are just created and then forgotten about.

How sad is that?!

If you still have those things and they’re unpublished, I beg you not to forget about them. Use them again! Why not?

If a story didn’t work but a character was really likeable, take them out and put them in another story! Who says you can’t? It’s a shame to work so hard on a novel and then because it doesn’t quite work as a whole project, that we just leave it in the ether and never visit those worlds, characters, magic, or vibes ever again.


Instead, re-read those works. Go through and find what works, what you like, and take it out and place it somewhere for use at another time.

Started a new story? Great! Is there any elements of your older stories that would work here?

You’ve already put a lot of hard work into other projects in the past, why not use parts and bring it into this new project to make it easier or perhaps work much better?

Now obviously, don’t force things that just don’t work! Use your brain, beautiful writer person. IF something works, let it work; if it doesn’t, that’s fine, store that thing away for another time, another world.

Happy writing, friends!


S. xx

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