Freelance Writing Services

Download:Mental Health and Lifestyle Writing Portfolio

Blogging Package:

£100 a month for a blog post a week*

I know that there are a lot of writers out there. Freelance writing has boomed over the last few years, meaning you are spoilt for choice when it comes to writers for hire. However, not every writer will be right for you. Not every writer will care about tone, audience, meaning, purpose, and brand.

But I do.

If you hire me, I will treat your content with care. Whether it is proofreading, editorial, content creation, SEO implementation, or other, I will put my heart into it.

Why hire me? What can I offer?

  • Less technical jargon, more heart
  • If you want your content to reach real people, not field experts
  • Want someone who cares; who is dedicated and passionate about bettering lives and our world
  • Want to spread the word about mental health awareness, and remove the stigma
  • Wellbeing tips, inspiration, education, and motivation
  • Want to reach a younger audience
  • Novel coaching and development
  • Fantasy novelists who need editorial, world-building, or character development help

Sound good? Contact me for a quote…

My Style

  • Emotive
  • Writing from the heart
  • Blogging from the heart
  • Spirit, voice, personality
  • Life writing
  • Creative writing
  • Personal and experience-based writing
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-help, self-development

*Check out my blog for examples*

My Experience

Published author of three books available on Amazon. Feel free to sample said books to get an idea of the quality of my work. My books have been enjoyed in different parts of the world, entertaining and helping other people.

Link to Ash Born (Book 1, Eternity Series )

Link to You’re As Mad As I Am (self-help, mental health book)




July 2017-Feb 2018

SEO Content Writer for SEM Consultants


Admin work. Blogging for years. Editor for a community magazine. Copywriter for The Range.

Mental Health Expertise:

  • Self-published a self-help book entitled “You’re As Mad As I Am” which helps with coping better or alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Ran an anxiety and depression support group for a year
  • Hosted a Mental Health Awareness event in 2016
  • Was asked to speak at a Mental Health Awareness fashion show event in 2016
  • Gave a motivation speech to unemployed people with mental health difficulties
  • Worked at my local community centre with vulnerable people
  • Studied Psychology at college and university
  • Been for therapy/ counselling 3 times myself
  • Suffered from social anxiety, general anxiety, and prone to depression (have had diagnosed depression 3 times)

Download: Mental Health and Lifestyle Writing Portfolio

People & Businesses I want to work with:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mental health businesses
  • Budding authors
  • Personal bloggers and vloggers
  • Lifestyle influencers
  • Life writers
  • Influencers in self-development and health


Contact me today for a chat!

3 thoughts on “Freelance Writing Services

  1. Siana wrote an article for my mental health magazine about her personal experiences with anxiety and depression, and added a poem within this to give the writing an extra creative flair. This piece of writing was an amazing addition to the magazine and I would recommend anyone to contact Siana for her services, she is brilliant to work with!

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