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Waking from My Slumber (poem)

In light of this week's podcast episode about remembering who you are, I wrote this poem about myself and how I want to do just that, remember who I am, in 2020...   Waking from My Slumber It would be a great shame to forget that I once ran races, arms fast at my sides,… Continue reading Waking from My Slumber (poem)

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Poem for World Suicide Prevention Day

*TRIGGER WARNING* If all you did was get out of bed today, There is no judgement here. If you wanted to cry and scream and you did, There is no judgement here. If you failed and you’re in deep pain, There is no judgement here. If you quit and you’re ashamed, There is no judgement… Continue reading Poem for World Suicide Prevention Day

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Gain: A Poem

I want to share with you a poem I wrote earlier this year about my body (I hope it doesn't upset anyone). This Mental Health Awareness Week is about Body Image and Social Media, so I wanted to share this poem about my body image issues... Gain I remember when I used to be able… Continue reading Gain: A Poem


Happy April Fools, You Fool (Poem)

God, you've made so many mistakes. I'm surprised you can still keep a straight face When you say that you're proud of yourself. How can you be? You fool, You've made so many mistakes. The people you neglected, The education you turned your back on, The jobs you were too good for, The story ideas… Continue reading Happy April Fools, You Fool (Poem)

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The Definition of Mother

What is a Mother? A mother is not just someone who gives birth to you. A mother is someone who carries you in their arms and promises not to let go. And from the comfort of their arms, life is a little less scary.   I've never known a father; not really. But a mother,… Continue reading The Definition of Mother

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Indecision, Crisis, Paralysis (Poem)

Don't forget to volunteer. not because you're a good person but because it'll look good on your CV. Don't forget to get a degree and possibly a Masters, just to be told that, you don't have any experience. Don't forget to work, get some real life experience. Learn about people, learn to interact, have a… Continue reading Indecision, Crisis, Paralysis (Poem)


Oh January – Poem

Oh January, how you’ve tested me. Poked and prodded and tried to best me. Rejection. Loss. Fear. Sadness. Fatigue. Sickness. Frustration. All of it, inside me. All of it, weakening me. Or is it? Maybe, just maybe, it’s giving me strength. Maybe it’s making me better. Pushing me further. After all, never before have I… Continue reading Oh January – Poem