Blog Writing Services

Why you need a blog service:

  • Traffic to your site
  • Visitor engagement
  • Personal/brand output
  • Share and display expertise in your field
  • Gain your customer/client/visitor’s trust
  • Search Engine Optimisation


My Blog Writing Guarantee:

  • Keywords: I am SEO and keyword trained; I will naturally include certain keyword phrases in my posts to optimise your content, but not take away from readability
  • Call-to-Action: I will ensure that your readers are encouraged to do something after reading my posts: subscribe, make a purchase, visit another site page, or read another post (etc.)
  • Style & Message: I will use catchy titles, your business’s tone of voice, a style to suit your audience, and always keep in mind your goals and brand’s message
  • Aesthetic: I will achieve this through the use of images, white space, titles and sub-headings, bullet points, and an all-round pleasing readability for your visitors



Blog Writing Services:

£30 per post* (less than 1,000 words)

I can do as many as you need in a week (as long as I have the scheduling time)

Mental health-related or lifestyle and personal development blog posts are preferred, as it is my niche and area of expertise

I can work independently (coming up with my own content each week) or with your instruction to suit you

SEO content writing and keyword trained

Preferred Style: informal, reader-focused, personal, actionable info

Can adapt as needed to suit your brand

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*Download my Mental Health and Lifestyle Writing Portfolio here


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