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“How Africa Changed Me” – Intro Chapter

*This is the intro chapter of the series of posts called “How Africa Changed Me”, a book about my experiences for 2 weeks in South Africa.*


Intro – “Why Should You Read This Book?”

Because I want you to, OK? I need the money!

Nah, I’m only joking. I guess it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to read this book. If you choose to follow and read it all, I appreciate the support and from the bottom of my heart, I truly hope that it helps you in some way or another. I wrote this book because I wanted it to reach someone out there who is (or was) just like me and needed some inspiration, and perhaps they themselves haven’t been to Africa but maybe reading about someone like them who has been could get them thinking.

That’s it! I want you to think!

No, not in an annoying way; I just want you to open up your mind, I guess. I want to teach you something without you feeling like you’re being taught anything at all. I want to speak to a friend about a deep experience of mine; it’s just that the “friend” I chose to speak to happens to be a worldwide audience. I don’t have many real friends, you see.

I was going to make this book a fiction because I wanted to protect people’s privacy and I felt like no one would want to read about lil ole me. But then I remembered that this is my story, not some made-up character’s story, and only I can tell it from my own soul in my own voice. That is the only way someone, anyone, could appreciate and connect with it. So here it is, win or lose.

People always talk about how travel is healthy and changes you and can do all of these wonderful things. I believed them but I didn’t realise how right it was until I first went to Budapest, Hungary by myself, and then again when I went to Africa. These trips were polar opposites. In Hungary, I was alone; I was there for 3 days total; I was in control of what I did and did not do; and I was completely alone. However, in Africa, I was there for 14 days; met a total of 46 people whilst I was out there; wasn’t in control of anything at all; and I was never, ever alone. Polar opposites but both ever so necessary and rewarding for who I was and where I was at that point in my life.

So, that’s why I’m writing about my trip to Africa. But why should you read about it? What good does it do you to read about a person you don’t know who did a thing you don’t really care about? Well, this book is for others like me. Maybe if I’d read a book like this some time ago it would have changed my perspective on my life – even a little bit.

This book will work best for the following kinds of people:

  • Lost people
  • Twenty-somethings
  • People with mental health difficulties
  • Sad people
  • Inexperienced people
  • Lacking people
  • Curious people

And yes, that’s because the aforementioned people are exactly like me.

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